in Richmond, Texas

in Richmond, Texas


Experience a transformative journey to reclaim your sexual wellness with New You Medical Center in Richmond, Texas. Our pioneering O-Shot and P-Shot Treatments offer innovative solutions for both men and women grappling with the effects of aging, wellness issues, medications, or medical conditions.

Don’t let sexual dysfunction hinder your happiness and connection.

Take the first step toward revitalizing your intimacy by exploring our treatments at our medspa in Richmond – schedule your consultation today to get started.


Renewing Your Intimate Connections

Reclaim enhanced sexual wellness with the O-Shot (Orgasm Shot) at New You Medical Center.

Indeed, countless women struggle with issues like decreased libido, vaginal dryness, difficulty achieving orgasm, and various symptoms of sexual dysfunction. This is where our O-Shot Treatment comes in, as this addresses these concerns, along with conditions like lichen sclerosis, lichen planus, chronic pain, and urinary stress incontinence.

Using your body’s own growth factors (PRP), the O-Shot rejuvenates your vagina. You can rest assured that our experts ensure your comfort by numbing both your arm and vagina before drawing blood and isolating the growth factor concentrate through centrifugation. This concentrate is then delicately injected into your clitoris and upper vagina, kickstarting the regeneration of vaginal tissue and cells to improve sexual function, increase natural lubrication, alleviate dyspareunia, and mitigate urinary incontinence issues. This quick procedure, lasting only 10 minutes, is virtually painless, with countless women reporting minimal discomfort.

If you think that sexual dysfunction is holding you back, you can take the first step toward revitalized intimacy by scheduling your O-Shot consultation today.


Revitalizing Intimacy with an Injection

Discover the transformative benefits of the P-Shot (Priapus Shot) for enhancing male sexual intimacy and wellness at New You Medical Center in Richmond.

Harnessing the power of your body’s own growth factors, this treatment stimulates natural healing, cell regeneration, and tissue production.

During a simple in-office procedure, we will draw blood from your arm and numb your  penis. After centrifugation separates the growth factors, they’re delicately injected into your penis using a thin needle. These growth factors promote increased blood flow, enhancing sexual function, sensation, and erections.

Today, experience the natural and safe revitalization of your sexual health with the P-Shot – know that countless of our clients report minimal discomfort.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about this amazing treatment and its advantages.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

At New You Medical Center

New You Medical Center’s commitment is prevalent in every service we offer. We encourage you to explore the testimonials from our happy clients, providing confidence and tranquility to both prospective and new clients alike. Find out what makes our medspa in Richmond, Texas, so in demand.


Love love this clinic I went in today without an appointment. Although they were busy they still were able to support me which means a lot. Good customer service. I get a “like family vibe” from them. Kind people.

Faren F.


First time visiting New You Medical Center for weight loss. Had a fantastic visit with Lora White. She went into great detail about a program and provided email contact in case I have any issues. The ladies up front were extremely nice & personal. I will definitely return! Very pleased!

Kelly E.


Recently starting my PRP treatment at New You and it has been an amazing experience so far. The staff and doctors are super professional and friendly. Fernanda is so caring and definitely made it the best experience.

Ernesto B.

At New You Medical Center

What are the benefits of the P-Shot?
The P-Shot aims to revitalize and enlarge the penis by utilizing platelet-derived growth factors found in your own blood. This treatment stimulates tissue growth and the formation of new blood vessels, ultimately boosting blood flow and promoting a firmer and healthier organ. This also serves as a viable treatment for men experiencing erectile dysfunction.
What’s the duration of the P-Shot’s effects?
The effects of the P-Shot are typically immediate and can endure for up to two years. Some individuals opt for touch-up treatments as needed when they observe the effects gradually diminishing, so it’s always a case-to-case basis.
What are the benefits of the O-Shot?
The O-Shot is a specialized injection aimed at rejuvenating the vagina. This treatment activates dormant stem cells, promoting the renewal and revitalization of vaginal tissue, thereby enhancing women’s sexual response. Consequently, recipients often experience heightened clitorial stimulation and improved vaginal orgasms.

Plus, the O-Shot has shown effectiveness in addressing urinary incontinence concerns.

What’s the duration of the O-Shot results?
In certain women, the effects of the O-Shot have been demonstrated to persist for up to three years. To sustain the benefits of the treatment, many women opt to undergo repeat sessions approximately every 18 months.
What side effects are associated with the P-Shot and O-Shot?
The majority of individuals who receive either shot typically don’t experience post-treatment side effects since the shots are derived from their own blood. However, it’s essential to consult with your doctor to determine the most suitable treatment plan for your needs.

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