NEW YOU MEDICAL CENTER Xeomin in Richmond, Texas

NEW YOU MEDICAL CENTER Xeomin in Richmond, Texas


It’s true that dynamic wrinkles, also known as expression lines, are a common manifestation caused by facial movements. Over time, these wrinkles become visible in areas that are repeatedly flexed due to your facial expressions. The remedy for dynamic wrinkles involves relaxing the underlying muscles responsible for their formation.

Xeomin, a newer neuromodulator, received FDA approval in 2009, so this treatment has been around for a little over a decade. This treatment has been such a cult favorite at our medspa at New You Medical Center in Richmond, Texas.

Today, discover the means to smooth out your wrinkles through safe and validated treatments like what we offer at New You Medical Center. You can rest assured that our staff is certified and we will meticulously administer each injection, ensuring striking yet natural results – our before-and-after photos attest to the efficacy of our approach.

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Pre-Transformation and Post-Transformation

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For Xeomin in Richmond, Texas

Did you know that Botulinum Toxin Type A Treatments, like Xeomin, remain the leading cosmetic choice in the United States of America, with over 7.4 million procedures performed annually?

This is why New You Medical Center offers this amazing procedure, reflecting on its rising popularity.

This treatment excels due to its safety record, proven efficacy, and non-invasive nature. Targeting dynamic wrinkles caused by facial movements, Xeomin can diminish fine lines like crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles.

Our team of experts in Richmond, Texas, frequently administers Xeomin around the eyes, in the forehead, and for therapeutic purposes. It’s best to keep in mind that neuromodulators like Xeomin disrupt nerve-muscle communication, temporarily halting muscle contractions and smoothing wrinkles. If muscle activity isn’t the cause of your wrinkles, alternative treatments like dermal fillers may be recommended.

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Botox or Xeomin at New You Medical Center

Why don’t you discover our comprehensive range of botulinum toxin treatments, encompassing Botox and Xeomin in Richmond, Texas?

Despite their slight differences, these treatments are frequently interchangeable. However, you can rest assured that our diverse selection ensures we can tailor the ideal solution to your unique needs – that’s for sure.

You can schedule a consultation today to find out which option is best suited for you.

At New You Medical Center

Is there an age limit for Xeomin?
Know that this treatment is effective regardless of age, and Xeomin is approved by the FDA for addressing severe frown lines in adults up to 65 years old.
When can I expect to notice the effects of Xeomin?
Usually, our clients start to see results from the treatment approximately two to three days following their injections at New You Medical Center.
What’s the duration of effectiveness for Xeomin?
The effects of this treatment typically endure between three to six months. To sustain the results, many of our clients return for re-injection at New You Medical Center approximately three to four times per year.
Which regions can be targeted with neuromodulators?
Dysport can be applied from the forehead to the chin. Plus, common treatment areas include reducing wrinkles (like crow’s feet, frown lines, bunny lines, and chin dimpling), managing migraine headaches, and addressing Bell’s Palsy.
Are the injections painful?

Most of our clients find Xeomin quite tolerable, just like Botox. Sure, you may experience a brief pinch with each injection, but if you prefer it, we can administer a topical anesthetic.

Moreover, some tenderness during the recovery period is typical.

If you have any further inquiries regarding Xeomin at New You Medical Center, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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