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Are you longing for smoother and younger-looking skin with a radiant glow? Experience the benefits of Microdermabrasion at New You Medical Center near Sugar Land, Texas. This popular and effective treatment gently exfoliates the outer layer of dead skin cells, unveiling a brighter and more even-toned complexion that everybody will love.

Today, welcome that “new you” with Microdermabrasion at your go-to medspa.


with Microdermabrasion in Sugar Land

Microdermabrasion is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses a minimally abrasive crystal or diamond tip to gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin. This process effectively removes dead skin cells, dirt, and debris, resulting in a smoother texture and a more youthful appearance. Unlike harsh chemical peels or laser treatments, this treatment offers a gentler approach to skin resurfacing, making it suitable for most skin types.

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of Microdermabrasion in Sugar Land

Microdermabrasion provides numerous advantages for those looking to enhance their skin’s appearance and texture – here’s what this treatment can achieve:




Removing dead skin cells and impurities reveals a brighter, more radiant complexion.



With a freshly exfoliated surface, your skincare products penetrate deeper and work more effectively.



Microdermabrasion effectively diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a more youthful complexion.



This treatment can lighten age spots, sun damage, and other forms of hyperpigmentation.



By gently exfoliating the top layer of skin, Microdermabrasion smooths out rough patches and improves overall texture.

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A Glimpse Into the Outcomes


Following just one session of Microdermabrasion, you can expect an immediate enhancement in your skin’s texture and overall appearance. Opting for ongoing treatment with a series of 4 to 6 sessions, spaced two weeks apart, can yield even more remarkable results.

With each session, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and enlarged pores become visibly diminished, leading to a continuous enhancement in skin quality and radiance. You’ll surely notice smoother, clearer, and more radiant skin without any downtime involved, allowing for the immediate resumption of your daily activities.

Although, it’s always crucial to protect your skin from sun exposure to maintain its newfound glow.

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at New You Medical Center near Sugar Land

What is Microdermabrasion, and how does it work?

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin. It uses a device that sprays fine crystals or a diamond-tipped wand to gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. The exfoliated skin cells are then suctioned away, revealing a smoother, fresher layer of skin underneath.

What are the benefits of Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion from New You Medical Center offers several benefits, including improved skin texture and tone, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminished hyperpigmentation, unclogged pores, and reduced acne. It also enhances the absorption of skincare products, making them more effective.

Is Microdermabrasion suitable for all skin types?

Yes, know that Microdermabrasion is generally safe for most skin types and tones. However, it may not be suitable for individuals with active skin infections, eczema, dermatitis, or severe acne. A consultation with a specialist at New You Medical Center can determine if this treatment is right for you.

How many sessions of Microdermabrasion will I need?

The number of sessions needed can vary based on individual skin conditions and desired results. Typically, a series of 6 to 12 sessions, spaced 1 to 4 weeks apart, is recommended for optimal results. Plus, maintenance treatments may be performed monthly thereafter.

What can I expect after a Microdermabrasion session?

After a session, you might experience slight redness and sensitivity, similar to a mild sunburn. These effects usually subside within a few hours to a day. It’s important to use sunscreen to protect the newly exposed skin, as it will be more sensitive to the sun.

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